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Candi! -Collage humor strip

Chugworth -humor

Funky horror
Collage Roomates From Hell -Collage humor strip with extreme weirdness. Been getting a bit story driven lately. huge archives full of good stuff

Bee bap ba baba bo!
Krakow" -Great strip, some Comic genuis!

Kung Fool" -Behind the scenes of a lame kung foo tv show! Great art, Great humor!

Mac Hall -Read the archives its all pure gold. fantastic art. I hate you Ian!

Relax, we understand J00
Megatokyo -One of the most popular comics out there. Nice art, nice story, nice humor. Dont miss it.

Namir Deiter -High school drama, cutest furry art ever, and perfect characterisation! and its funny too!

Demonology 101
Penny Arcade -If you only click one comic here. click this one. sheer Genius. HUGE archive and enough humour to kill a yak at 200 yards. Great art too.

Polymercity -More story oriented these days but it doesnt suffer from it. Read the archive for some brilliant gaming jokes.

Player Vs Player -Another Great Pillar of the webcomic world. Updated every day and Its just FANTASTIC!

Questionable Content -So indie you don't even know about it yet.

Scary Go Round -Simply one of the best comcs on the web at the moment, It deserves your undying admiration. And its British!

Sinfest -Brilliant strip! This guy has a real unique creative flair. comic is excelent.

Sokora -Fantasy strip. Elf boobs

Tangs weekly comic -Proof a weekly comic can work, 5 years of archives and its really funny.

Tangs adult vision -WARNING! ADULT COMIC! Another comic by tang, This is more story oriented but funny too.

Tsunami Channel -Updated EVERY DAY! This is a manga -shoujo comic. you have to read it from the start. its simply Brilliant.

VG cats -nice Gaming comic

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