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Questions have been asked! (Cheers Kevin) this section promises to grow and expand like some kind of growing expanding thing!

Q:"What type of cereal do you like?"

A: Well just about anything is acceptable. So long as it already has sugar in it.

Q:"How do you come up with ideas for the comic?"

A: All of the stories and characters are based on my real-life experiences and people I know. Everything really happened, from my hallucinating on the road driving back from a LAN party to Steve and I finding his flat to be full of good looking girls. Some creative license is used to make things a little bit more dramatic but its mostly true.
Currently there are over 100 strips written and so long as the crazy stuff continues to happen in real life the comic writes itself.

Q:"How long on average does it take to draw a strip?"

A: Well this depends on many things. The main factor is usually how many days of the week are lost due to STEVE getting me drunk beyond imagination :)
But it takes a couple of hours to draw the strip in pencil, then maybe another hour to clean it up, arrange it in photoshop and another hour to do the tone,add the speach bubbles and effects. Of course many things stand in the way of getting it done in one solid lump therefor it is usually spread over the whole week in a totally unorgonised maner.

Q:"Will the Strip ever be in colour?"

A: Sometimes (As you have seen in one strip at least) I HAVE to use colour for a joke. but it takes a long time and I'm very happy with the Manga-toned look of the comic as it stands

Q:"Why do you only update once a week?"

A: I don't have enough time to do otherwise. With Univeristy etc once strip Every monday is all i can Really reliably commit to.
if you load the page On monday and there is no new comic. the chances are it will be Up the next day :)

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