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Cast of Characters:

Matt:    The charismatic computer artist/ racing driver and comic author. Too many
eggs in one basket some might say? Sure, but he is also the most likely to see
the death omen star at deadline time.

Steve:    The life and soul of the party. One part programmer, one part musician, one
part gamer and three parts ladies man! Always the organizer of legendary
party's. Truly a man with no sense of shame whatsoever, will do anything
for a bet.

Stig:    (Pronounced "Stee"), Token Danish mastermind. Has a brain the size of a planet with no
hideous mathematical concept out with his understanding. An all encompassing programmer
and never misses an opportunity to promote foul-tasting Danish sweets and Liquor.

Damien:    An ordinary hardworking student, until he gets a spot of drink in him.
When this happens, an amazing transformation occurs. Damien is: "Bad-Dancer-Man!"
After a White Russian or two, he has been known to dance when there is no music
and also attempt to run up walls. his signature dance move can kill at 20 paces!

Damien is currently on an exchange program in Japan where he must undertake a number
of work placements. These explore stereotypical situations found in Japanese Manga
and invariably end with Damien being, blown-up, burned, beaten-up, kicked in the nads,
electrocuted, thrown in jail, castrated, eaten, thrown from a great height, slapped,
or sealed in an iron ball and shot into the sun in some comedic way.

Big John:    The man mountain, who's size is only exceeded by his capacity for the
demon drink. A man among men, a co-creator and enthusiast of the "Punch the monkey"
dance technique and all round good guy. His baritone voice rumbles through the halls
and open spaces of Dundee, "Innit!".

Vardis:    Chain smoking artist from Greece. This smooth character has such an air
of cool that he can sedate a hamster from 100 yards away. With his amazing capacity
for smoking, who would have thought that he would have had any time to become the
excellent digital artist that he is!

Gemzy:    Cascade Failure's official distraction measure. If the comic is not going
to be completed for a week, you can expect to see Gemzy, scantily-clad as a distraction.
She also appears in every "Damien In Japan" strip.

James:    Punk loving computer programmer, and all round good guy. Imagine if
you will "the Fonze" in Happy days, except with a love for punk music, and
without the bike and the leather jacket. Okay, so forget the Fonze, but throw in
computer programming ability and a few nights a week rocking out with his band
and you've made yourself this guy.

Kirsty:    Through a cruel twist of fate Kirsty is thurst into this world of
unimaginable geeks and losers. Somehow she struggles through and still manages
to beat Matt up and conspire to burn all Magic the Gathering cards, comics, anime
DVD's. A Part-time gymnastics coach and all round very bendy girl who everyone
loves and is no stranger to a drunken night out.
She is the girlfriend of Matt

Nic:    As far as blondes go, Nic is one. Apart from that, this is a girl
with her head screwed on straight, much to the confusion of us weirdo's. That
said, she has the kind of personality that can have her giggling like a
pre-pubescent school kid whose teacher just said "pimp", all because
some guy is wiggling his pinky at her. Her laugh only encourages more japery.
She is the girlfriend of Dave.

Dave:    Full time addict of a certain card game involving "Magic" and shooting
from the hip, its Dave S. Apart from occasionally attending to the drama queen in
him. He is the man to go to for bold ideologies, solid statements of fact (and more
often than not, pure fiction) and rampant opinions on all topics. Class in a glass.
He is the boyfriend of Nic.

Paul:    A man who's perfect pessimism knows no bounds. A hero on the drinking
front, a dabbler on the decks, and a man who could tell you the happy hardcore chart
number one from each year in the early 1990's. He can inform you happily about the time
he was blamed for pictures of a fellow students wang mysteriously being posted on the
in one of the most daring MSN frauds of all time. Truly a man to have around at a party.

Duncan:    Fellow student Duncan can oft be found lingering around all purveyors of
alcohol, and he aint just there for the view. A man who can fill you with tall
tales of drunken behavior, with sometimes alarming consequences the next day. A man
whose capacity for alcohol is in the same league as Big John, except he takes quite
a bit more time over it. The "Vodka bottle" king of the highland islands.

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